I really want your comments on this!  Music affects everyone in one way or another.  Does it relax you, energize you, make you sad?  Does it bring back memories or release daydreams?  Just a line or two to let everyone know..........
Music Is........?

I'd like to start this by giving some of my personal views about music.

1) I believe all music is good!  That doesn't mean that I like all types of music, it means that music itself is inherently a good thing.  What we make of it determines what it turns into.  Example:  If a rhythmic piece is written ad performed instrumentally, it becomes whatever the listener imagines it to be, but as soon as lyrics are added it takes on the feel, nature and substance of the lyrics.  I personally don't care for Rap or Hip-Hop because I don't enjoy the vocalizations or the subject material of most of those genres songs.

2) I personally believe music original function was to glorify our creator.  We have turned it aside from this function or so I believe.  Example:  The screwdriver is one of the most common tools available and probably the simplest to use yet we have misused it's function when we use it as a pry bar, hammer and various other instruments (how many of you have used a screwdriver wrong and injured yourself in the process?).

3) I believe music is universal.  In all societies and all religions music is recognized and integrated in some form or another.  It may be a full orchestration or the simple rhythms from tapping a log.  If you listen I think you can hear music in just about anything around from nature to man-made noises to the ethereal sounds recorded from deep space.

I would like to know what music means to you!  What do you believe?  How does music affect you personally?  Why do you think it's important?  Do you think it's important?


    My intentions for this BLOG are to discuss different aspects of music, all styles, types, formats, volumes, acoustic, electric.......
    We will start by updating this blog at least monthly and just go from there!


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